5 'apps' to Help Us With Pets

5 ‘apps’ to Help Us With Pets

From necklaces with GPS to know where in the world our beloved pet is walking to find a good home for abandoned animals or games for cats to entertain are some of the applications to make life more fun, organized and simple. Today there are many options that technology offers to help coexist with our four-legged friends.
Some have even been developed by Colombians who seek to support the good work of animal caretakers. Tools that fit all pockets and needs.

5 'apps' to Help Us With Pets

Here some novel solutions

Appsolution, an ‘app’ to reduce animal abandonment

Reducing animal abandonment is the goal set by the AppSolution team, based in Tunja, Boyacá. Those who run this company set out to devise a method that would help increase the number of homes for abandoned animals that roam the streets of Bogotá. The initiative consisted of creating the Animal District application, which faces the problem from two angles. One is that of animals that remain on the street or in shelters and another is that of people who have animals but decide to abandon them.

The welcome screen is entitled ‘Community Zoolidaria’ and it shows the profiles of different animals.

Of Lorna, for example, it is said that it is of medium size, it is 6 years old and it is in Engativá. When clicking on his photograph the user learns that this dog has not been sponsored and in the text below there is a short biography of her. It includes the options that the user has: donate money, donate in-kind, volunteer, adopt, sponsor and contact.
Game for cats, games for pussycat
Friends of cats find in the Game for Cats app a good alternative to entertain their little cats. The developer company of this application, Little Hiccup, created a simple but captivating game in which the cat pursues a laser beam simulator, a mouse or a butterfly that are projected on the screen.

Although the iPad version has been available for some time, the app has recently been launched for Android devices, which allows users to enjoy this fun tool no matter which operating system they have.

Game for Cats offers free of charge the game in which the laser beam is used, while for the cat to be entertained with the mouse or with the butterfly, it is necessary to make a purchase in the application. One concern users may have is whether the cat will scratch the screen with its fingernails. To this, the company developer of the app responds that probably not because the keratin from which the nails of cats are made is not harder than glass.

Barkham, look at the little bird!

The BarkCam application is designed for those pet owners for whom it is impossible not to take pictures of their furry friends, whether it is selfies or photos in which they are alone. The trick, which is not always easy to achieve, is to get the animals to look at the camera at the right time.

How is it possible to do this? The application is equipped with a system that produces around 25 striking sounds that make the pets look towards the cell phone. In addition to this function, the application has labels that can be added to the images and also with filters that embellish the photos.

Among the sounds that the appIt produces barks, moans, whistles and sounds of toys. BarkCam makes it easy to take pictures of any dog, not exclusively the one belonging to the person who downloads the app. Dogs that live on the street and anyone else will feel the curiosity to pose for the cameras.

Relax my cat, against cat anxiety

It is proven that music influences the mood of humans. Why not also in the cats? This is the question asked by the developers of the Relax my Cat app, which is equipped with different melodies. Each of them was composed especially for cats.

All melodies play a role. There are some that were created in order to make the animals fall asleep; or after they were made to encourage them to play and there are even melodies to help them cope with the cravings that come from separating them from their owners. The app for Android devices is free, but you have to pay for the one used in iOS devices.

The application offers several playlists of melodies to make it easier for cats to let themselves, groom. The application also has a television for cats: on the screen, there are videos with relaxing musical images that are designed to attract the attention of the animals and to “help reduce stress or anxiety”.

Dog walk, a walk with your dog

The Dog Walk app, from Tractor Dog, allows users to record the hikes they take with their four-legged friends. It is a free application that uses the GPS sensor of the cell phone to record the route that the dog and its owner cover. The route is shown on a map on the screen, along with the time and distance that were used.

Pet owners can also take pictures and save them within the application (which can be downloaded on Android and iOS) and also have the option to note the sites where the dog did his needs along the way. When registering, the owner of the dog must fill out a form that asks, among other information, the name of the animal, its breed and its birthday.

Those who download this app can see a record of the walks they do with their animals, share them with friends and family and even use them to record activities. This last characteristic is particularly attractive for people who are dedicated to taking the dogs for a walk.


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