Beware of Abrupt Food Changes

Beware of Abrupt Food Changes

One of the most frequent recommendations that veterinarians make to pet owners about nutrition is that they do not suddenly change the concentrate, as this can cause food problems, including lack of appetite and malnutrition. 

Any change that must be made, either by the age of your pet, because you have an illness that requires it, and even because your budget varied, should not put at risk the health of your dog or cat.

For this reason, the Pet Food Institute offers some advice for this process to be done successfully for both the animal and you. 

Beware of Abrupt Food Changes

In the case of cats, these changes can occur due to aging, to present digestive problems, when it is neutered or for any medical recommendation; also according to the stage of development either puppy or adult. 

“In them, the food transition is gradual, should occur little by little, this in order to see if it causes some kind of discomfort, ” said Carlos Cifuentes, veterinarian at the Pet Food Institute. 

If the transition to a new food is for a dog, it must be done with great care since its intestinal flora is very weak, especially if they are older animals. However, it is recommended to change the food as it grows to provide a new source of protein and vitamins. 

“The most frequent change occurs after one year of age when adults must be given food. Likewise, at seven years it is convenient to give feed for older dogs, which will help prevent diseases such as osteoarthritis and maintain the proper functioning of the organs, “explains Cifuentes. 

On the other hand, the veterinarian Jorge Gallego, professor of Urgencies and Internal Medicine of small animals of the University of Antioquia, ensures that it is very important to make any change of food little by little. 

“I recommend my patients start with 75% of the previous meal and add 25% of the new one for three days, to see how it is tolerated. Then, in the following three days, 50 and 50% and observe well and, finally, 25% of the previous and 75% of the new one. This is done to prevent intestinal problems, “explains Gallego. 

The vets say that at every stage of life, pet food requirements are different and good concentrates are specially designed for it.

Choose the concentrate

The most important thing when deciding which concentrate to give is that it contains the right amounts of protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber. It is key to ask the best option to the veterinarian and find the one that fits your budget. 

“Regarding this issue, we must clarify that neither dogs nor cats are omnivores, so it is not convenient to eat homemade food, or fruits or give them both (homemade and concentrated), as the metabolic processes of each other They are not the same as those of humans. By not giving them the right food they can end up with serious metabolic problems, like diabetes, among others, “Gallego concludes.

Take care of your food

Verify that the packing of the concentrate is clean and has not been damaged by a tear or hole, likewise, it is advisable to read the recommendations for storage. Pet 

food should be treated similarly to human food so it is advisable to keep it in a cool, dry place; It is not recommended to leave the bag on the garage floor or outside in the yard. 

Care must be taken in the presence of insects in the place where they are stored. 

Once the food is already open, it is necessary to leave it in a cool place, in the original packaging and inside a plastic or metal container with a lid that protects the food or places a clamp or hook that covers the opening of the package.

If the food is moist or fresh, it should be stored inside the refrigerator in containers containing the pet portions; These should not be metallic. 

The concentrated food should not remain more than 24 hours served since it can be contaminated with fungi or bacteria. If the pet has not consumed it, it must be changed. 

Before serving your pet’s food, check that the containers of concentrate and water are clean. After serving the food, wash your hands very well. 

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