Life of a Dog Runner

Life of a Dog Runner

Before starting: take it to the vet and tell him your plans, for him to check the dog and verify that everything is fine. 

Strap: “You should wear a collar and leash, long enough not to cause trauma to the dog’s neck,” Lee notes. In that the experts agree: a belt of meter or meter and a half of length, although when training, the dog must go to his side. The idea is to run with a strap that is not tied to your wrist. Better hands-free, although it requires the two a few learning sessions, especially for the dog to always be at his side and pace. 

Life of a Dog Runner

you should bring enough water for both of you and hydrate at the same time, at least every 20 minutes. The training should include those technical stops.

Hot dog: if it is sunny, it is necessary that the dog can cool down in the shade, because hydration is not enough for them. 

Food: You must wait at least one hour after you have eaten to take it out to run. And do not forget to take a bag to pick up what the dog does along the way. 

Paws: the younger they are, the easier it is to hurt their legs because their pads have not hardened enough. Check them often. If you live in hot areas, run at dawn or at the end of the day so that the floor does not burn. 

‘Trail’: Dogs must also learn to train in mountainous terrain or on rough roads. The recommendation is that the dog, in addition to being very obedient, runs behind you or next to you, never go ahead and like crazy. You must bring your own water and food. 

City:  Mark Lee states that “you should not get the dogs to run on the pavement; we must take into account that they run on the grass and never on hot or rough surfaces, like rocks, so as not to hurt their little fingerprints “. 

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