Bogota Is Ready for 2018, the Great Pet Fair

Bogota Is Ready for 2018, the Great Pet Fair

Everything that revolves around the world of pets will be available to the public at Expopet 2018, which reaches its fifth edition. There will be four days in which, in the same space -in the Corferias campus, in Bogota- more than 180 exhibitors will be in charge of showing the novelties of the sector.

Cristina Católico, project manager of Corferias-Expopet, highlighted the activities that have been developed during the five years of the fair: the championship of canicross by relays, the International Feline Exhibition, the Agility Cup, the Exhibition and Exhibition of Birds and the Exhibition of Farm Animals and Minor Species. But this year, he says, the contest brings many surprises for visitors.

Bogota Is Ready for  2018, the Great Pet Fair

Birds, dogs, cats , fish, and hamsters, among other species, will also be protagonists. There will be academic activities, a varied commercial sample, judging tracks and the presence of more than 4,000 companion animals on display and competition.

Of course, brands and entrepreneurs that sell products to consent and protect pets will also be present. 

Patricia Villa, marketing director of Gabrica -brand dedicated to the welfare and health of pets- is one of the many entrepreneurs who has participated in each of the five editions of Expopet. And from his experience, he highlights that the fair has become a space with plans for everyone: amateurs, breeders, exhibitors, and pet lovers. And it is also a space for the family since it offers activities for children and adults, and of course, for our pets. 

Here we give you an appetizer of the event.

Team Agility

One of the activities that have accompanied Expopet since its first edition is the Agility Cup, which hopes to gather this year more than 100 pairs (dog and owner) that can participate in the categories 0, 1, 2 and elite in one International size track of 800 square meters. 

It will be held in levels 1 and 2 of Corferias Pavilion 6, will test carefully trained dogs in the wheel jumper, in walls and tunnels. The dogs that jump in the shortest possible time and with fewer faults will be the winners.
The companion of the dog (binomial) can also compete in the test in which the animal, in addition to the jumps, enters the ramp, the catwalk, and other obstacles, touching key points in the areas of the track to gain more points before the judges. 
For Javier Vega Villar, member of the Colombian Agility Commission of the Colombian Canine Club Association, the competition is designed so that, above all, the binomials have fun.

Ornithological Championship

Bird lovers will also have their own championship; a unique opportunity for the fascinating world of this species.The Colombian Federation of Ornithology, affiliated with the World Ornithological Confederation – and its affiliated associations – is in charge of organizing this event, which will take place on the second level of Corferias pavilion 8. 

More than 600 birds, of different species, will be both in competition and on display. And there will be a nice bird song competition. The event includes an important academic component, with the participation of national and international experts.


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